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Ice Haven

In 1596, a merchant ship captained by the famous navigator William Barents, set sail from Amsterdam to find an Arctic north-east passage. After surviving encounters with the savage natives and the constant danger from crushing ice and hungry polar bears, their ship becomes hopelessly entombed in ice off the north coast of the uninhabited and desolate island of Nova Zembla, well within the Arctic Circle and a thousand miles from the nearest civilisation. Ice Haven is based on the diary of one of the men, Gerrit de Veer and tells, for the first time, the story of their fight for survival in the Arctic winter against constant darkness, intense cold, and one white bear who is out for revenge.

Walking the rain

Mad Cow Disease was bad enough but imagine if the disease had gone insect-borne! Walking the Rain describes such a post-apocalyptic world in which the disease is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. In this world no one knows who is infected or who to trust. It falls to one man, Scace, a long-suffering, tongue-lashed pig-keeper and reluctant hero to save his world.

Jack and the find-it and plug-it bots

Jack is being hunted but he doesn’t know why. After all, he is only the adopted son of poor Scottish hill farmers. One day, he finds a simocom, a wearable computer, hidden in the attic and enters a virtual simersion world where he meets the avatar of his dead mother and the evil wizard Baluran. Suddenly, Jack is fighting for his life, against Baluran in the simersion worlds and in real life, against rogue find-it and plug-it bots. With the help of his friends, he escapes from Earth but his enemies are never far behind.

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